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Adamawa Celebrities & Achievers Awards

The Adamawa Celebrities & Achievers Awards (originally called the Adamawa Entertainment Awards) is a Society based awards show founded in 2015 by the Media, PR and Event Management brand Adamawa Celebrities based in Adamawa State, Nigeria to recognize outstanding achievements in Creativity, InnovationExpertiseLeadershipExcellence, and those in the broadcasting industries.


The event is aimed at cultivating the Adamawa State brand and culture. This has raised awareness about a new edgy entertainment, fashion, business, tech etc and leadership style that has helped to promote Adamawa creative talents to the world.


Equally to honor those that have contributed and still contributing in no small measure to the development of our culture and tradition through film, music and broadcasting through their philanthropic services.


The annual ceremony includes performances by young and well known musicians in northern Nigeria.


The Award covers four major categories

  1. Creative Industry
  2. Leadership
  3. Humanitarian and
  4. Media

  • Adamawa Entertainment Awards 2015
  • Adamawa Entertainment Awards 2016
  • Adamawa Entertainment Awards 2017
  • Adamawa Entertainment Awards 2018
  • Adamawa Entertainment & Achievers Awards 2019

The following are the current categories as of 2016

Musical categories

  • Song of the year
  • Male artiste of the year
  • Female artiste of the year
  • Album of the Year
  • Next rated act
  • Gospel song
  • Trado song of the year
  • Music producer
  • Disk Jockey of the Year (Male)
  • Music video of the year

Media Category

  • Radio station of the Year
  • TV station of the Year
  • News blog of the Year
  • OAP Male
  • OAP Female

Film categories

  • Best Actor of the Year
  • Best Actress of the Year
  • Best Director of the Year
  • Best Film of the Year

Fashion, Beauty and Style

  • Makeup artist of the year 2019
  • Fashion house of the year

Other categories

  • Entertainment Personality of the Year
  • Entertainment Executive of the Year
  • Funniest Comedian of Year
  • Fashion Model of the Year

2015 ADEA Awards

The first edition was held at the JOKEMS AIRPORT VIEW Hotel in Jimeta – Yola, Adamawa on December 20th, 2015 and was hosted by Dickson Peters.


The event would feature performances from Nigerian Northern hip-hop rap Icon "KHEENGZ" and also super talented home base artiste like Ice Cent, NattyBard, Fraggie, Victor Kliu, Grace Yakubu, JoeVan, Kave, DJ Broonzy and other performances from dance to poetry amongst the winners of the first edition.



2016 ACAA Awards

The second edition was held at the Aliyu Mustapha Academy Hall on 18th December, 2016 and was hosted by TV Host, Hassan Shamaki and BBC World News Komla Dumor award winner – Amina Yuguda.


The 2016 edition featured performances by BOC Madaki, Maupheen, Naydo, MSHB, Parousia and others.



2017/2018 ADEA Awards

The third edition was held at the Ahmadu Rebadu College on 13th March, 2018 and was hosted by Singer and Master of Ceremony, Big Delymo.


The 2016 edition featured performances by Penny Wealth, MaQoz, Micel, Elzz, 1P and other talents.



2019 ACAA Awards

The 4th edition of the Adamawa Celebrities and Achievers Awards which took place at the Lelewal Hotel and Suites in Yola, was full of glitz and glamour, as popular Nigerian Senators, celebs turned up looking all elegant and classy.


Great performances made the night a truly engaging and entertaining one, in any case, the night was not just about performances, but also it was a night to remunerate creativity, innovation, leadership, expertise, and humanitarianism.


The ACAA2019 kicked off with a red carpet at about 3 PM while dignitaries were arriving and colouring the event with their beautiful smiles.


Fashionista and TV host, Rejoyze K’nan and Northern Nigeria’s most celebrated comedian, TUJENS hosted the 4th edition of the Adamawa Celebrities and Achievers Awards, which is formerly known as the Adamawa Entertainment Awards (ADEA).


Those honoured at the event, although conspicuously absent include His Excellency Alhaji Atiku Abubakar for “Award for influence and philanthropist of the decade”, Senator Aishatu Dahiru Binani for “Mirror of the Society”, Senator Ishaku Abbo for “Beacon of Hope Award”, Senator Binos Dauda Yaroe for the “Award of Excellence in Recovery & Peace Building”, Senator Abdulaziz Nyako for the “Most Outstanding Senator (2018/19)”, Hon. Abdulrazak S. Namdas for the “Most Outstanding Rep Member 2019”, Hon. Zachariah D. Nyampa for the “Politician of the Year” and other honorary awards including; Dr Bitrus F. Chagwa for “Dynamic Personality of the Year”, Leader Leneke for the “Award of Excellence in Productivity”, Dr John Ngamsa for the “Entertainment Philanthropist of the Decade”, Mrs Aisha Yusuf Ishaku for “Female Entrepreneur of the Year”, Randy Radeno Haniel for “Inspiration of the Year”.

Current Executive Producers:

  • Michael V. Bolgent
  • Rita Fidelis Chagwa
  • Blessing Peter Akor
  • Pamela D Musa

Previous Executive Producers:

  • Iliya Raphael (2015-2018)
  • Victor Helinen Aben (2016-2018)
  • Ibrahim Mshellia (2016-2018)
  • Tee Justine (2016-2018)
  • Radeno Haniel (2016-2019)
  • CeePhabz